British Muslims carry rich experiences based on their different ethnicities, cultures and traditions. What binds them together is the context of being British and Muslim. Yet, the medias representation of them tends to homogenous and often negative. So we’re asking the question – What does it mean to be a British Muslim woman?

Change the Script’s team have been going nationwide to identify women from all walks of life to hear their voices on representation, identity, careers, education to success and challenges. Out of this, our social media campaign #writeyourscript was born, giving women the power to rewrite their narrative and challenge popular misconceptions many have about them.

We searched for women whose stories will inspire and inform, they are the individuals expressing what it really means to be a British Muslim woman.

They are leading the change they want to see

Check out our Instagram campaign to see how they’re mapping the future of what it means to be a Muslim woman in Britain today. If you’d like your voice to be heard, #writeyourscript and tag us with your story and picture and tell your friends and family to get on board too!