The Women


These women have continued to reach levels of success whether as scientists, community workers, educators, leaders, athletes, artists and more.

We have selected a number of women from seven industry sectors: Sports, Media, Culture and Arts, Science and Technology, Banking, Finance and Enterprise, Law and Social Justice, Civic and Community Organisations, Health and Wellbeing and Education and Skills. So far, these are the women we are working with and as the project progresses we will continue to update the list as we go along. Please visit the page regularly for new additions.


Asma Elbadawi

Born in Sudan and raised in Bradford since the age of one, Asma Elbadawi has gone from strength to strength…

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Dr Aysha Raza

Dr Aysha Raza is a Research Associate at the Institute of Neurology, University College London (UCL),

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Dr Nazia Khanum

Dr Nazia Khanum OBE, DL is a Bangladeshi born British Management Consultant, researcher…

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Hanna Ali

Hanna Ali is a Writer, Poet, Project Lead, Frequent Panellist and Teaching Fellow and PhD candidate at SOAS, University of London.

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Zahrah Awaleh

A qualified yoga instructor, Zahrah utilises her skills by teaching yoga to those who are living with cancer and red blood disorders…

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shahida rahman

Shahida Raman

Being married and a mother of four children hasn’t stopped Shahida from making a name for herself.

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dilara khan

Dilara Khan

Dilara is Founder and President of the British Bangladesh Chamber of Women Entrepreneurs (BBCWE).

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abida huda

Abida Huda

Abida Huda is an established Barrister working as a family practitioner in all areas of public and private law.

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farrah azam

Farrah Azam

Although she has a BA in Psychology and Criminology from the University of Westminster…

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Led and founded by Nafisa and Selina Bakkar, Amaliah is a platform dedicated to representing Muslim women.

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saleha Islam

Saleha Islam

Saleha Islam is the first woman to manage an established British Islamic centre

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zubaida haque

Zubaida Haque

Zubaida Haque is a social researcher with an expertise in ethnic minorities and Muslim communities

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hasina zaman

Hasina Zaman

Hasina Zaman is the founder and CEO of Compassionate Funerals in Wanstead, Essex

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farida fortune

Professor Farida Fortune CBE

Head of Clinical and Diagnostic Oral Sciences at the Institute of Dentistry

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muna ally

Muna Ally

A Surface Design graduate from University of the Arts London, Muna Ally describes her work…

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halimat shode

Halimat Shode

The founder of the online publication The Black Muslim Times UK

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najlaa elageli

Najlaa El-Ageli

Founded by Najlaa El-Ageli, Noon Arts curated nine successful international exhibitions held globally

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sabrina mahfouz

Sabrina Mahfouz

Sabrina Mahfouz is a British Egyptian playwright, poet and performer from South London

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Zahra Shah

Zahra Shah is the CEO and Trustee of the British Pakistan Foundation. She took on the role of the Chief Executive Officer in May 2016 and became a Trustee in September 2017

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Poetic Pilgrimage

Muneera Rashida and Sukina Abdul Noor were born and raised in Bristol to Jamaican parents…

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Alia Alzougbi

A BAFTA-nominated, dynamic storyteller and educator

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Ramla Ali

Ramla Ali is the first female Muslim to become British Boxing Champion

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Ayesha Razak

Ayesha Razak is the proud founder of My Big Fat Halal Blog (MBFHB)

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Aisha Rahman

An all rounder beauty blogger taking UK by a storm Aisha Rahman is a hardworking mother of five

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Nileema Yesmin

Nileema has always been interested in heritage and history. After completing a Master’s in Anthropology, she became more passionate about connecting people through culture and the arts…

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Hanan Issa

A mixed heritage poet from Wales, Hanan started writing from the age of six and her work can now be seen on number different platforms…

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Dr Mahera Ruby

With a PhD from Goldsmiths, University of London, Dr Mahera Ruby focuses on intergenerational learning in families whose originate from Bangladesh

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Nasima Khanom

Nasima is a systemic and family Psychotherapist trained at Tavistock & Portman NHS Trust

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Nazia Khatun

After graduating in Sociology at Goldsmiths University, Nazia decided to be an amateur boxer winning two bronze medals in tournaments

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Nurun Ahmed

A former candidate on BBC the Apprentice series 10, Nurun Ahmed is an emerging businesswoman and entrepreneur

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Poppy Jaman

The CEO and one of the co-founders of Mental Health First Aid (MHFA)

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Rabia Bhatti

Rabia Bhatti was elected Muslim Female Politician in the UK on May the 6th 2011

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Siddiqa Juma

Born in Zanzibar but raised in Britain, Siddiqa Juma is an award-winning, contemporary Islamic artist, graphic designer and publisher

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Rozina Ali

Rozina Ali is a highly skilled plastic surgeon who specialises in microvascular reconstruction

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Sabia Kamali

After graduating from Goldsmiths University, Sabia Kamali’s media career kicked off at an international NGO Islamic Relief as Media Executive

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Sufia Alam

A third sector Director who started work at the Wapping Women’s Centre in 1997 Sufia Alam has worked with Bangladeshi women and families

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Nilufa Jahan

Born to 1st generation Bangladeshi parents in East London, Nilufa never let south-asian traditions and cultural conventions narrate her life…

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Wasfi Kani

Wasfi Kani OBE founded Grange Park Opera in 1998 which is one of the leading opera companies in the UK

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Rini Laskar

Rini was born in Bangladesh and raised in London. She studied at the University of Warwick and forged a career as a management consultant working in locations such as Dubai, Singapore and the US

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Abira Hussein

Abira is a Transforming Archive Trainee, led by the National Archive in collaboration with the London Metropolitan Archives

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Rozan Ahmed

PR guru, activist, writer, brand consultant, entrepreneur, motivational speaker, the Middle East’s Oprah Winfrey…

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Shavanah Taj

Shavanah Taj is a Trade Unionist and is the only Muslim woman to have been appointed as National Officer in the largest civil service trade union…

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Safia Iman

Founder of Global Conscious Movement International a global advisory group working to increase conscious capability and excellence in organisations and society

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Najma Hafeez

A highly experienced Senior Executive and Non-executive, Board Director and Chair with extensive experience…

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Sadiya Ahmed

Sadiya Ahmed is the founder of the Khizra Foundation and is a part of the team running the Everyday Muslim project

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Moriam Grillo

Moriam is an award winning international Artist who is also training to become an Art Psychotherapist

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Mary Islam

Mary started out in engineering in 1990 when she secured a Ford sponsored degree in manufacturing systems engineering at 19

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Sofia Odugleh

Sofia Odugleh is a community Midwife in Cardiff. She has been a midwife working in a high risk unit for University Hospital Of Wales since 2006 , and delivered hundreds of babies

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Dr Farhana Safa

A former eye surgeon, Farhana left behind an established career in medicine to pursue her passion for car design..

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Eiman Munro

Eiman Munro, a Physics Graduate, has worked in the private sector as a Trainee Actuary, the public sector as a Physics teacher…

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Jamila Gul

Jamila Gul is a Global Business Coach and Mentor who lives in Cardiff, Wales. She is a full time mum to 6.

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Dr Zaki Rezwana Anwar

One of the most prominent and inspirational British Bangladeshi women, Dr Zaki Rezwana Anwar is a personality known for multi-faceted attributes…

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Nikki Hubbard

A detective constable with the Metropolitan Police in Westminster, Nikki Hubbard is the first Muslim female officer to be included in the Queen’s honours.

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Nadia Ali

Nadia Ali’s career began 8 years ago on a Children’s live TV programme which thousands of Asian households across the UK & Europe watched.

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Ayesha Ahmed

Ayesha Ahmed was born and educated in Bangladesh later moving to the UK with her husband in 1965

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Aya Haidar

A full time mother, artist and humanitarian, Aya was born in the States into a Lebanese family with a Muslim upbringing ad raised in London and French educated.

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Polly Islam

Monojaha Polly Islam, founder and Secretary General of the British Bangladesh Chamber of Women Entrepreneurs, founder of Zarah’s a retail store that specialises in modern Islamic clothing.

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