Siddiqa Juma

Siddiqa Juma



Born in Zanzibar but raised in Britain, Siddiqa Juma is an award-winning, contemporary Islamic artist, graphic designer and publisher. Best known for her pieces Diversity and the ground-breaking Make Your Mark, she believes the purpose of her art is to unite people – regardless of creed or colour. Siddiqa has exhibited globally, and her works are owned by Royal families, eminent politicians and hung in some of the most recognisable establishments in the UK and abroad.

In November 2017 Siddiqa won the prestigious Global Art Award for her painting Diversity. This piece also won the UK’s People’s Art Prize in 2015. The painting continued the next stage of its global journey at the Rise Festival in the UAE in November 2017. Siddiqa is due to exhibit in London, Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Lebanon, Singapore and the United States throughout 2018.

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