Nileema Yasmin

Nileema Yesmin

Community Engagement Officer at Headstone Manor and Museum

Nileema has always been interested in heritage and history. After completing a Master’s in Anthropology, she became more passionate about connecting people through culture and the arts, as powerful mediums to allow people of diverse backgrounds to come together for shared learning experiences.

She has worked for national institutions such as the British Museum, Royal Collection Trust and the Victoria and Albert Museum and continues to strive for these institutions to make efforts towards decolonising the Museum space and telling everybody’s story through open discussion.

Nileema’s work has intuitively taken a female centric approach. As a millennial woman from an ethnic minority, she compares and contrasts the place women have in the society. She’s met some extraordinary British Bangladeshi women who are challenging the norm, and ‘changing the script’. She is now using documentary film to bring to light some of the inspiring women she has met along the way and highlight the impact they have on our society