Ayesha Ahmed

Ayesha Ahmed

Surma Bengali Newsweekly


Ayesha Ahmed was born and educated in Bangladesh later moving to the UK with her husband in 1965. After her husbands passing in 1985, she was left to raise 5 children on her own as well as running the family newspaper Surma Bengali Newsweekly. With the help of her staff and children Surma became a popular newspaper for the community.

However her main mission in life was to look after her youngest child, Tanvir who is autistic.

Though she is proud of her sons achievements in the publishing and business world, e.g. Asian Woman Magazine, Asiana Magazine, Eastern Eye Newspaper, Asian Express, Asian City and The Ariana Group of wedding venues, Mrs Ahmed maintains she’s most proud of her daughter Farhana.

Farhana is the most educated of her children. Mrs Ahmed is proud that Farhana went to Oxford University and became a teacher. Farhana teaches in a local secondary School in East London.

To Mrs Ahmed, that’s a great accomplishment!

All Mrs Ahmed’s children live in the same street as her and she feels very looked after.